Pet emergencies are never planned.  Whether you are a new or experienced pet parent, sometimes it can be difficult to tell whether your furry family member needs emergency care or not.  Recognizing a pet emergency and obtaining the help your pet needs quickly is often the key to a successful outcome.

If you are worried, you are always safest going to a veterinarian – regardless of what time it is.  Not only will this give you a peace of mind, but the veterinarian can make sure nothing more significant is being masked by your pet.

The team at Night Watch Elite Animal Emergency, located at 281/Evans next to Home Depot, has created a quick reference guide on the most common problems that require immediate attention:


  1. Refusal to Eat or Drink – not eating or drinking for 24 hours or more is considered an emergency
  2. Difficulty Breathing – noisy breathing or the abdominal body moving a lot while breathing
  3. Vomiting – pink, frothy, foamy liquid or blood.
  4. Diarrhea – bloody diarrhea. 2-3 times in a day
  5. Bleeding – from nose, mouth, rectum, coughing up blood, in urine or uncontrolled
  6. Inability to Urinate or Pass Feces
  7. Lethargic
  8. Straggering, Stumbling, Dragging Hind Legs
  9. Bloated, Swollen or Painful Abdomen
  10. Severe Injury/Trauma
  11. Bite Wounds – animals, snakes, insects
  12. Eye Inflammation or Injury
  13. Poisoning or Toxic Ingestion
  14. Seizures
  15. Broken/Fractured Bones
  16. Open Wounds
  17. Swollen Face