Common Questions

Will my pet be seen immediately?

In general, patients are seen in the order they arrive. More life-threatening cases, however, must take priority over others. 

If you feel your pet’s condition is life-threatening, please notify us immediately, and the doctor will perform an examination without delay. As this exam is conducted in the treatment area, and due to COVID-19 Procedures, you will not be present with your pet. The doctor will contact you personally to discuss findings and arrange a treatment plan. If your pet is in critical condition, you may be asked to sign a release allowing immediate treatment. Unlike a regular veterinary hospital, we cannot “schedule” our appointments.

Please fill out the Patient Information Form before you arrive or when you arrive so we have all the needed information pertaining to your pet.

How is Emergency care different from regular Veterinary care?

Emergency care is available at times when regular veterinary hospitals are not open. As it is impossible for a daytime veterinarian and his or her staff to provide service around the clock, a centralized emergency center allows for intensive after-hours care by a specially trained staff with extensive equipment. Veterinarians referring cases to an emergency center want their clients’ pets to receive the best possible after-hours care. The emergency center, however, cannot replace the historical knowledge and valued relationship you have with your regular family veterinarian. After initial treatment, all follow-up care will be done by your family veterinarian.

How much will emergency treatment cost?

A doctor must perform a thorough physical exam before he or she can determine what treatment, if any, is recommended. Following the exam, you will receive an estimate for the treatment plan that the doctor recommends for your pet. Upon approval, you will be required to leave a deposit in the form of cash, ATM, check, or charge card for the low end of the estimate. Please feel free to ask questions if you do not understand any aspect of the estimate or treatment plan. We want your pet to receive the best possible medical care. We have partnered with Care Credit and Scratch Pay to help you with your Pet’s care.

Can I bring my pet in for routine care?

We do not provide vaccinations or perform routine health care. Our hospital will provide emergency care when your family veterinarian is not available or your pet requires intensive care — no appointment is necessary. Our doctors and nursing staff have advanced training and expertise in emergency medicine.

If I leave my pet, when do I pick him/her up?

If the doctor recommends that the pet be hospitalized due to his or her medical condition, you will need to make plans to pick your pet up by 7 AM the next morning for its return home or transfer to your regular veterinarian. If your pet is not picked up by 7 AM we will transfer your pet to a daytime veterinarian for a fee of $150.

As the emergency doctor may be unexpectedly busy, we rely on you to call for periodic progress updates. We will, however, contact you at any hour if your pet’s condition should decline unexpectedly. Please provide us with an accurate phone number that we are able to reach you on in the middle of the night.

Can I bring other animals besides my cat and dog?

Yes, Night Watch Elite Animal Emergency will also care for your birds, reptiles, and pocket pets.  Included are snakes, rats, hedgehogs, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, mice, sugar gliders, chinchillas, guinea pigs, and geese.