Pet Emergency San Antonio



Signs of an Emergency:

  • Short or shallow breathing, struggling to breath, gagging, or choking
  • Seizures, stroke like symptoms, convulsions
  • Vomiting blood, passing blood in stools/urine, green or yellow discharge from the vulva
  • Dry retching/vomiting, swollen or distended abdomen
  • Unable to urinate or constipation
  • inability to stand or walk
  • Hives or swollen face, porcupine quills in face, scorpion sting, snake bite
  • Pregnant pet in active labor for more than one hour without delivering; pet that has gone more than 3-4 hours between delivering
  • Injuries: bite wounds,, burns, cuts, lacerations, electric shock, eye injuries, broken bones, heatstroke, hit by a car
  • Swallowing of a toxic or harmful substance
    If your pet is experiencing any of the above, call Night Watch Elite Animal Emergency.

A Pet Emergency is an injured or ill pet that has a sudden onset of a condition that without immediate medical attention could result in life-threatening deterioration of your pet’s medical status.

Night Watch Elite Animal Emergency Hospital has Veterinarians, technicians and receptionists that are specifically trained to care for your pets in emergency situations. We will provide all the necessary medical, surgical, and health treatments, as well as, products and accommodations to care for your pet.

Please click and fill out the Patient Information Form below before you arrive or when you arrive so we have all the needed information pertaining to your pet.